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EO Vista

EO Vista is a privately-held defense contractor recognized for its fast reliable service, industry leading expertise, and cost-effectiveness in the design and delivery of some of the nation’s most advanced optical sensor systems.


Meet the Management team:

EO Vista's Specific Areas of Expertise include: 


EO Vista occupies over 19,000 sq/ft of office, lab, and Class 1K & 10K clean room space, located at 42 Nagog Park in Acton, Massachusetts

EO Vista develops and manufactures flight qualified advanced optical systems primarily for the aerospace and defense industry.

• Design and Manufacture of spaceborne and airborne EO/IR Sensor Systems
• Sensor system design

  •  high spatial and spectral resolution sensor systems
  •  long standoff imaging systems
  •  multispectral and hyperspectral sensor systems
  •  pushbroom and whiskbroom multispectral scanning systems
  •  wide-area persistent surveillance
  •  wide-area motion imagery video surveillance systems
  •  photogrammetric imaging systems
  •  LIDAR sensor systems

• Optical system performance modeling/analysis
           SNR, MTF, NIIRS-GIQE, NESR, NETD, etc…
• Optical coating and filter design
• Optical integration and alignment
• Athermalized optical systems
• Structural and thermal system design and analysis
• Control and servo systems
• Gimbal design and manufacture
• Electronics (analog/digital circuit design)
• Firmware design and test (FPGA - verilog, modelsim)
• Software (DSP and GPU programming)